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Tuas Travels is an Eco-tourism based travel company operating simultaneously from Sundarban and offering destinations to travel enthusiasts with a penchant for offbeat routes. We handle tours to all destinations within India & across the globe.

Tuas Travels is the pioneer in changing the way one sees or visits Sundarbans. Being like our backyard we have seen and spent enough time in the Sundarbans National Park so as to be in a position to help tourists, Nature Lovers and photographers decide their pick.

Whether it’s a Day Tour to Sundarban or a Multiday Sundarban Tour of 1 Night 2 Ddays, a Sundarban Tour of 2 Night 3 Ddays or even a 3 Night 4 Ddays Sundarbans Tour, we have it all.

For the hardcore tiger lovers and nature photographers he have special plans and special boats to cater to their needs. So come and Select your pick out of the various Sundarban Tour Packages from Kolkata